Apple MacBook Pro Review after 5 month developer usage

I hardly ever use the Touchbar. Probably because I hardly ever use Safari. The fingerprint unlocking feature is unbelievable and I often wish I could use it more (imagine sudo password and every other time the password popup opens up). The keyboard took a few days to get used to, but now it feels just fine (it is loud though). The 2x trackpad is nice but does come in the way every now and then and takes the longest time to adjust. I have not missed the USB ports one bit. It’s lovely that I can charge the computer from both sides, keeps it tidy. The biggest flaw is that the charging cable is not Magsafe and the little LED indicator to tell me if its fully charged or not (major regression). A smaller flaw is the Esc key is a virtual key on the touch bar without tactile feedback (I thought it would be a major drawback, but it isn’t). Lowering (or raising) the volume is now one tap and a finger drag as opposed to multiple taps which is a minor annoyance. I don’t know why they kept the headphone jack they just removed from the iPhone on the new MacBook though? Good that the earbuds just discarded for the phone, found use with the MacBook. The Space Gray color is very cool and feels rich and classy.

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