This spring we decided to build a garden bed in our backyard and raise few plants. This single idea gave us opportunity to learn and solve wide range of engineering problems that we were confronted with and addressing each one gave us enormous satisfaction and also presented the next challenge to automate and improve the experience of raising the garden.

The first challenge to solve was building the frame for the garden bed. We got precut wood frames from Home Depot and assembled them using power tools (using it for first time). Then we transplanted some of the saplings and…

The application’s purpose was to gauge the mood of the local community and generate meaningful statistics and share it with the audience.

The tech stack chosen for this effort was ReactJS with material-ui for the front end for responsive view and AWS API Gateway, S3 Bucket, Lambda and DynamoDB which is relatively easy to setup and implement.

ReactJS with material-ui provides the ability to develop high fidelity responsive UI applications with relative ease. There is no need to write complex media queries and components provided by material-ui easily adapt to any layout. For more reading checkout material-ui website.

AWS (Amazon…

Arunachalam Sankaran

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