Amazon: The Company with a 100 CEOs Cannot Be Stopped
Anshu Sharma

Makaseru (I entrust you with everything)

This is actually a good example of an American company (Amazon) practicing Makaseru. Makaseru is the Japanese philosophy of delegation and control. When literally translated into English, the word makaseru means to delegate, but it conveys much more than that. It says that I entrust you with everything. You can see this contrast quite often in how a typical American company runs their foreign office versus how a Japanese company runs their overseas subsidiaries.

So you can either do what everyone typically does and have a set of standard business processes, common organization structure, and same brand guidelines for every part of your business and geography. Or, you can do it like what Amazon does really well and entrust your business leader with everything. This will ensure that they are empowered to make the right decisions and avoid delays that can impact the business. In today’s fast paced business world, for a company, inaction is often worse than taking the wrong action occasionally.

A good analogy to the concept of makaseru in business is how when you go to a sushi restaurant you can order omakase. Which means leaving it up to the chef to decide the selection. Ordering omakase at a Japanese restaurant means you get the best dish prepared by the chef with all the available ingredients they had that day. It can also be a risk or a gamble but patrons ordering omakase expect the chef to be innovative and surprise them with the choice and selection they present.

Thus, if you want to be build an innovative company that can dominate different businesses like Amazon, you should leave it up to the chefs (business leaders).

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