Episode Story 1

The Disappearance

“Today marks the 3 year anniversary of Jill Branche’s DISAPPEARANCE.” the news reporter said. The last time she was seen was on October 31th when her and her friends went to visit the old manor on Timeron Street. People say they can feel a cold breath on the back of their neck making the hairs stick up as they ascend the stairway. Shrieks of bloody murder are heard all over the town of Plainsfield. Not one soul doesn’t know about the EXTRORDINARY case of Jill Branche. COMMON people say that she ran away and was never found. But then there are people who think that her body rots in the darkness of the cellar. My friends and I want to find out the truth. Today is Halloween. The day kids venture door to door for candy and people watch horror movies for hours on end. My friends and I will not only go to the old manor but we are determined to find the truth of Jill Branche. I will INTRODUCE you to my friends. Ethan Brunton is the star basketball player and he has received a scholarship to go to Michigan. NONE of the other players could compare to Ethan. He also is dating Taylor Hafner who happens to be one of the most popular girl at the school. She also was best friends with Jill. Henry Godfrey plays hockey for the local travel team and normally is the MISFIT. Also he can never seem to be off his mom’s radar. And last but not least Zach Cooper who also plays basketball and seems to be the most responsible of the group. He was in love with Jill and he was devastated after she was never found. He never seemed to have gotten over it. My name is Tony Saunders and normally I play football in the fall and I enjoy researching EXTRATERRESTRIAL and SUPERNATURAL beings. We have been planning this for quite sometime and I know that I would love to be in the paper as “The Kid Who Found Jill Branche’s Body.” Tonight at ten we are all meeting across from the old manor. Zach did not feel very COMFORTABLE because he was told that a kid MISTAKINGLY threw a ball in the manor and when he was never the same again. People say that he saw something but never could explain.

Episode Story 2

The Encounter

“Hey Tony how’s it going,” Zach called out.

“Pretty well but I’m a little nervous for tonight though.”

“Don’t be,” Ethan replied. We’re all in for some scary secrets tonight.” As we approached the house, unaware of the CAPTIVATING eerie feeling, we PROCEEDED up the front staircase. When we got to the top we nonchalantly opened the large, wooden door. As we entered the dusty, old manor the door slammed shut behind us as if knowing it would make us jump. We finally came to a decision that we all should try to stick together. This would be the one place where I wouldn’t want to get lost by myself.

“Woah did you guys hear that,” Henry whispered.

“No what are you talking about,” I replied.

“No, no I heard that too,” Zach stated.

“I think it came from upstairs,” Henry said.

As we ascended the stairwell, unsuspecting creeks made the hairs on my neck static. This place had to be more than a CENTURY old. The brisk prescence made the feeling all more secluded and isolated from the outside world. As the last step approached, a massive hall appeared as if it would go on forever. The walls were filled with AUTOGRAPHS of people’s portraits of themselves and also this one woman kept appearing with many jewls and prized possessions amongst her. That might’ve dated back to the MATRIARCHAL periods of our history. As we were gaping at these somewhat historic figures Zach’s color flooded from his face. Perspiration lined Zach’s forehead as if he had just ran away from being held CAPTIVE. I was trying to find what was making Zach look petrified and then my heart skipped a beat. Lying across the carpeted floor was a body. It was not moving. It was not Jill Branche’s body but it was Meghan, Zach’s twin sister. Zach ran to her side weeping. I was shocked. How could this have happened. Then I remebered back to the night before when I was at Zach’s house. Meghan never came home that night. Zach thought she was at a friend’s house. Zach’s parents weren’t even home yet from their vacation. Ethan ran the opposite way. Before I could go comfort Zach I heard a crash that I will never forget. Henry ran to the crack that Ethan slipped through accidently. The cement wall piled onto the crack so there was no way for us to physically help him but we called to see if he was alright.

“Ethan! Are you okay?”(No response)


I woke to the smell of mildew. I didn’t know how long I was knocked out for from the fall but I’m pretty sure I broke my leg. Blood is rushing down my neck and the only way I know this is because of the mercury smell. The cellar is pitch dark and super cold. The only light that was helping me get from room to room was the moonlit windows. I remember my mom telling me about how she used to work as a technician in the town hall. She said that they would have meetings about the security of this place and how they would keep all the valuables in this house safe. They decided to do a serious crackdown on security and not only am I stuck down here in the dark with no clue how to get out but since its passed ten and the security fireproof has been turned on, we are all stuck here for the rest of the night.

Zach looks like he’s about to pass out and Tony seems to be scared out of his mind. I am nervous as heck and don’t seem to know what to do. The rooms seem to have a bunch of DICTIONARIES and BIBLIOGRAPHIES but I don’t understand why. It’s not just one room but every room on this floor. Why so many and why were they put here? All of a sudden I heard a wail come from Zach again. Zach was pointing at something on Meghan’s back. Not only had she died but she was murdered in cold blood. This was now a HOMICIDE. The reality of my PREDICTION was very grim. We all had to face the truth that our lives were in grave danger. We don’t know who the killer is or what they want. Nobody has ever been murdered in this small town yet alone this deserted manor. The aweful truth was that whoever killed Meghan is still roaming these halls, waiting for our presence…

Episode Story 3

The Horrible Truth

We were now incapsulated in this terrible house. There was truly nowhere to go. There was no TELEPHONE and everything was going wrong EXCEPT that they were all okay. The terror and immense fear kept building up inside of us.

Henry asked, “What should we do now?”

“Try to find something useful, INSPECT the place and maybe we will find Ethan along the way,” Tony replied.

Zach was finally facing the horrible truth that his sister was gone and this murderer was still lurking in our midst.

As Zach, Tony, and Henry were roaming around the corridors, Ethan made a discovery of his own.

This cellar feels like a labyrinth with so many turns but all leading to dead ends.

“If only I could find a staircase.”

Ethan came across a room that happened to have a little more light then the rest of the cellar. He creaked open the door and he noticed very VIVIDLY that the light was coming from the floor. As he approached it carefully he noticed that the carpet that was supposed to cover the crack was forgotten. He looked at it and SUSPECTED someone’s secret had been uncovered.

Zach finally decided that it was time to split up.

“I think if we split up we have a better chance of finding an EXIT.”

“Well what if one of us gets lost” Tony replied.

“Then whoever makes it out will go get help.”

“That sounds good to me” Henry stated.

And off we went in search of a way to RETURN to the town but only to realize that getting out was the last of our problems.

Ethan opened the latch and was astonished to see that there was a stone spiral staircase that went down for about ten feet. With no hesitation in his mind he cautiously descended the stairs. As he approached the bottom he fell to the floor with a sudden feeling of drowsiness. His eyes slowly began to shut but in his blurry vision he noticed a girl strapped to a bed struggling to break free. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The girl was the missing Jill Branche.

Zach was very afraid. He didn’t know where to go and he was mixed with emotions between his sister and trying to find Jill. Zach searched room after room wanting to find a way out of here. The air was cold and his hands were dry. The darkness was almost something that he could feel against his skin. The wind made the shutter slam and Zach realized that he found a PENTAGON shaped window. It was open. The only problem was the drop was nearly thirty feet and there was no ledge. He noticed a handle on the edge of the roof and a couple feet away was a landing. He knew if he got to the landing he could land safely on the ground. As he latched onto the handle and jumped off the support from the window snapped and Zach plummeted to his death. After the case was wrapped up no EVIDENCE was ever PROVIDED of Zach’s missing body…

Episode Story 4

The Betrayer

Intricate art designs lined the shelves as Henry made his way down the long, quite maleficent looking staircase. He sauntered past one room as if knowing something was coming from behind, he heard a thump on the floor. Very cautiously he inched the door opened as slightly as he could. The defining squeal of the hinges made him almost jump into the room. The room smelled of must. It was brisk and this particular room had floorboards that creaked when you stepped. He noticed a COMPUTER near the back left corner of the room and decided to see if it would at least turn on. This CREATION of computers must have been POPULAR way before his lifetime. Unfortunately the wire was cut and the lights did not illuminate when the power button was pushed but he triggered something else that he definitely was not expecting… Tony didn’t know what he was expecting to try to find. He knew that Ethan fell through the floor so he figured there had to be some sort of way to get to the basement. The problem was getting to the entrance. Back at Henry’s house, Henry’s mom recently found out that her son was not in bed. Her REACTION was rather not to pleasant. She immediately called Zach’s mom to see if his son was home.

“Hello” Mrs. Cooper mumbled.

“Hi Andrea do you happen to know if your son is home?”

“I’m pretty sure he is in his bed, why do you ask?”

“I went to check on Henry and he wasn’t in his room.”

“Oh no! Where do you think he could’ve gone?!”

“I have no idea.”

“I’ll VERIFY with you if Zach is in bed, hold on.”

Both parents were very confused as to their sons current whereabouts. They both decided to go to the LOCAL police station to file a report for two missing teenagers. The police were talking to them about different SUBJECTS such as where did you see him last, what was he wearing, was he in the area. After ten minutes of individual questioning, the two moms decided to brainstorm ideas of where they could’ve gone. There was no such luck for them.

Henry stood with his mouth down to the floor as the wall opened like two doors next to each other. In the darkness he noticed a CORPSE lying on the floor. In total DEVASTATION he ran up to the dead body until he moved. Henry flew out of his shoes and almost screamed. The kid looked as if he could be his age maybe a little older. He turned and as soon as he saw Henry he jumped up faster then a fat kid running for an ice cream truck.

He yelled, “What do you want? I already told you I didn’t do it!”

Henry very confused said, “I don’t want anything, my friends and I came into this house to find something.”

He replied, “Well that was the worst mistake of your life.”

“What do you mean”

“We’re never leaving this place, well at least until the ambulances come for our bodies.”

Henry’s body froze at the thought of him dead, forgotten, just a name on the newspaper EULOGY.

20 minutes before Henry and Danny’s encounter…

Ethan woke to a daze, confused of his whereabouts but scared out of his mind. He looked up and saw a kid that looked as if he could be his age maybe a little older walking towards the stairway…

The Lucky Ones

Jill woke up to see Ethan strapped to the bed. She tried like so many times before to break loose of the straps but no such luck. She noticed a pen on the desk right next to her bed. She extended her leg out and knocked it into the desk. The pen inched closer and closer to the edge. Finally it fell and she caught it. She started to cut through the tough thread. It felt like a DECADE and when she was just about done, she heard the sound of a door open. Immediately she froze and hid the pen from his sight. He did not notice her but immediately went to the back of the room. She saw him sit down and she went right back to cutting. When she was finally free she crept slowly towards Ethan. Ethan opened his eyes and saw a girl shaking him. She had her finger to her mouth urging him to not say a word. Slowly they went to the entrance. He turned and yelled, “Get back here!!” Ethan tried to run but with his leg he knew that he would get to him. Ethan yelled, “RUN!” Jill ran for her life.

Henry was busy with a cool TELESCOPE that Danny showed him. He was really infactuated with it. It had a 2 milimeter GYROCOMPASS. It let you see all the cool STELLAR formations. There was SONAR, a LUNAR mode, GEOTHERMAL activation, a SUPERSONIC mode, an OCTAMETER, and it allowed you to look at the ASTROLOGY. He was so caught up in it until he heard a thud from downstairs.

Jill hoped that she would get out of this place and find help. The light was beginning to make an appearance through the tightly shut windows so she found her way to the stairwell easier. She ran up the staircase and saw four long hallways. She chose the one to the right and she made a good guess cause the door was down that hall. As she approached the door she checked the time. It was 5:45. The door is sealed shut til 6. Before she could say another word he hit her in the side of the head. She saw Henry, the boy from her school.

Henry said, “Danny why have you done this”

“Ask Zach, oh actually you can’t because he’s dead.”

“What? How could that be?”

“Doesn’t matter now, nobody will find out what happened to any of you.”

Danny pulled out a knife and lunged at Henry. Henry did not expect this sudden reaction and he felt a sharp pain in his stomach and he fell to his knees, knowing that these were his last moments. The last thing he saw was Ethan hitting Danny with a shovel.

Ethan jumped to Henry’s side but it was to late, Henry was dead. Tony came running down the hall very scared as he saw Henry on the ground. They both started to cry knowing their best friend left them. Ethan explained that Danny was a guy 2 years older than us. He explained that he was a nobody at our school and he left just a couple days before Jill’s mysterious disappearance. His parents were divorced and his dad was a drunk. He clearly didn’t care about Danny. Til this day I can’t think of a reason why he did it. All I know is that Zach and Henry died, Ethan broke his leg, and Jill was in a state in which she was shocked. To shocked to say a word to us even though we were her good friends exactly a year ago.

Danny’s Real Story: Danny did this because Zach bullied him every day of his miserable life. He knew nobody cared about him and he also knew that Zach was mad because he liked Jill. Danny thought that Jill did not deserve a guy like Zach so he stole her from the world. Danny hid Jill and kept her from the world. He found the hidden bunker during the couple days he went missing. He knew nobody would find them their.

Epilogue: Truly it was a mystery in itself. We found out later that Danny died because of a tumor in his head. The blow from the shovel took care of the job. But many wished Danny was still alive. Everyone went back to their normal selves except for Jill. She was devastated that Zach was never found and that is truly the mystery. Zach’s body was gone so that leaves people with the question with who helped Danny? Both parents were horrified to hear about their son’s passing. And all in all that’s the Halloween Murder Mystery.



The Last Normal Night

The PRIMA DONNA, the PYROMANIAC, and the future MARINE biologist walked past each other. Not only did they EXCLUDE each other from their own lives, but they were oblivious of the other entity. Minds wandering about only to forget about the foreign personalities that would no longer be unrecognizable. Their three lives came to an Abrupt stop on the last normal night nearly twenty seven years later. They did not die but they now are a part of each other’s lives. INCLUDING instead of SEPARATING is the key to staying alive. The last normal night occurred on the third Friday in August. The night in which the Earth had green meadows and civilization. Where electricity was abundant and people breathed in fresh air.

The year is 5079 and not only did the Earth die but so did the people on it. Careless mistakes in the past has come to wipe out the humans on what used to be planet Earth. These three people are the last of our kind and will unfortunately end the human population for good. They knew it was coming, the many volcano eruptions, floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes. All because of what we did as a human race. We indulged on the everlasting fact that valuables were essential for happiness; cars, technology, jewelry, and clothes. Did we ever think they would run out. No. By the year 4907 came we were dependent on them. Every person on Earth lived in the eloquence of value. They had robots as maids, machines to run the factories, not to mention cars that drove themselves. We humans lost all sort LIBERTY to living a somewhat normal life. There was nothing for humans to do. It was almost like machines were living life for us.

By the year 5010 a conflict broke out between the presidents ambassador(who happened to be a robot) and the president. The conflict arose do to a fight between the people and robots. It just so happened that the President’s Ambassador knew the nuclear launch codes. By the end of that year the only land on Earth that contained Europe was the Northern part of Africa and a little bit of Europe. By that time not only was all the hope lost but the general concept of humanity died in the essence of Earth’s last breath. People didn’t know how to make fires, find food, or make clothes. After the nuclear attack the Earth spit back an everlasting supply of earthquakes and tsunamis. The US, Japan, and all of Australia were underwater by the year 5036. The tectonic plates RUPTURED from beneath the Earth’s surface which used to be the Himalayan mountains. The ash from the volcanos were noticeable from miles away.

By 5043 all of Asia was covered in ash. Northern Europe and Asia nearly froze to death. The earthquakes shook the foundation of Europe and Europe slowly sunk. With the ice drifting in from the North all water significantly dropped in temperature. By the time Europe was underwater, all the people froze. The lucky ones were able to head to a SEAL base in which people were put aboard on SUBMARINES. CURRENTLY there are three people left on the Earth. My story will inform you about the negative choices our world has made and what has yet to come. Maybe sooner than expected…

Photo Credit: Zastavki

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