(not) New year’s resolutions — 2017

I’ve read somewhere that the majority of people forget about their new year resolutions before January 15th.

This is not a new year’s resolution post since i’ve ended up establishing and started working on my goals since mid December 2016. Just to run away from the cliche of “new year resolutions”.

Spend 1 minute watching Gary Vaynerchuk video to understand what I’m talking about when it comes “resolutions”.

I’ve established 3 main areas for my goals, personal, profissional and financial.


  • Become a calmer guy — I’m not a stressed person, but the calm I’m talking about is calm of thinking and reaction. I end up doing or saying some things without thinking and that’s something I want to stop happening. Also, if I become calmer my speaking skills (that are not bad) will improve too.
  • Stop drinking refrigerants — from a health standpoint, since my eating is not as good as it should, refrigerants are something I think I can easily stop drinking.
  • Improve my English skills — This actually started a few months ago when I joined uniplaces.com (worth checking out, especially if you are a student or landlord). Since the company has a lot of people from different parts of the world, the main language is English, and that’s obviously a must. This is also a pretty easy goal for me since I really love English.


  • Become a fluent back-end developer — most of my experience developing back end applications was in side projects. I never had to tackle a big code base or maintain a big back-end project until I joined Uniplaces so I don’t consider myself a fluent back-end developer, important goal!
  • Become comfortable doing Domain-driven design (DDD) — Here at Uniplaces we use DDD, that is something that really interests me, also, it’s a must for me so I can work with the apps we already have.
  • Become fluent using Symfony Framework — We use Symfony at Uniplaces too. As I want to become a fluent back-end developer and “learn” another language (other than JS), PHP was the choice.

Just a small footnote — It is awesome when you’re in a company that is fully aligned with your objectives. My professional goals are all in sync with Uniplaces and that benefits both me and the company. A really big up for the company on this topic!

From my 3 months working there, couldn’t recommend more! If you’re ambitious and want to work with awesome people, Uniplaces is a (uni)place to really consider!


  • Start putting in practice the advices from “Rich Dad, poor Dad”. Saving 10% and working in passive income. Also working on my financial IQ.

I also want to document a little bit of my journey to complete those objectives along the year here on Medium, and this may count as an objective too.

Hope you liked it.

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