Airborn Interconnect Inc 242CW-4 Air Pump

The Airborn Interconnect Inc 242CW-4 Air Pump (Overhaul) features an improved (inlet and outlet) stator porting reducing peak loads and improving airflow. The “bi-polar” pumping action helps maintain balanced rotor loading, reduces wear, and extends life. BY-PASS rotor design helps reduce FOD damage and sticking vanes. Chemically impregnated vanes and rotor increase natural lubricity, resist heat damage, and extend life. Heat-treated, stainless steel conical pressure plate spring and torsional dampening springs provide harmonics-free pressure plate control, and smooth temperature compensation.

242CW-4 Air Pump

Part No. : 242CW-4
Manufacturer : Airborn Interconnect Inc
Part Type : Air Pump