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ASA Stats
2 min readJun 23, 2023


ASA Stats Team Liquidity

ASA Stats Team is moving its liquidity from Tinyman to Pact from the start of the governance period #8, on July 2nd.

ASA Stats Official LP on Pact

ASA Stats LP reward program updates

Our In-house incentive reward program is coming to a conclusion and is being replaced with farming rewards on Pact.

The final reward for ASASTATS/ALGO liquidity pool on Tinyman v2 will be sent on July 3rd. After that, only ASASTATS/ALGO LP on Pact will be eligible for farming rewards.

Call to Action

It is recommended that all the community members and other investors move their ASASTATS liquidity to Pact, as we are abandoning our in-house incentive program after July 2nd. Rewards in ASASTATS (and ALGO) for the next 12 months will be allocated by the Team only for the Pact ASASTATS-ALGO LP tokens farming. Please ensure you transfer your liquidity to Pact to continue receiving rewards.

As of today, on Mon 26th and Mon 3rd July, we will send the last reward allocations from our in-house incentive program to ASASTATS LP Providers on Tinyman v2 with a note (below) that we are moving our incentive to Pact pool and farm.

We’re moving to Pact farming starting July 2nd and Governance period #8! Please remove your liquidity from Tinyman and add it to ; ASA Stats Official LP rewards.

Optimal timing

Removing liquidity from Tinyman and adding it to Pact on Sunday, 2nd of July provides an ideal timing with considerations to ASA Stats LP rewards and Algorand governance rewards:

Firstly, the week 73 rewards of our incentive program will be counted against Sunday 2nd at 00:00. Therefore ASASTATS LP Providers on Tinyman v2 will receive their LP reward for the week.

Secondly, it makes the starting week for governance #8, hence governance period #7 rewards are safe even a day longer.

Farming rewards on Pact

Farming rewards on Pact would be of similar altitude to our concluding in-house LP program. This involves two types of rewards, as follows:

1: Algorand Foundation Rewards:

The Algorand Foundation recently piloted a deployment of 42MM ALGO of treasury liquidity to Folks Finance, Pact, AlgoRai Finance, and Tinyman with the objective of contributing to ecosystem liquidity, supporting TVL growth, and strengthening the DApps’ critical mass.

ASA Stats is eligible for the rewards coming from Algorand Foundation for period #8, the amount in ALGO is defined as 50% of user’s liquidity (ALGO part in the pool), Period 7, Voting Session 1, Measure 6.

2: ASA Stats LP providers Algo/ASASTATS may also qualify for additional rewards in ALGO, this is yet to be confirmed.



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