WP Engine Cyber Monday Deals & Black Friday Sale 2016

Trafficcrow announced WPEngine as the newest addition to Trafficcrow. In two months, Trafficcrow has collected over 100 reviews about WPEngine gathered from social media. WPEngine’s customers are raving about them. WPEngine has taken the top spot as the highest rated company that Review Signal tracks with an overall rating of 82%. Displacing the former top host, A Small Orange, by 5%.

WP Engine Cyber Monday Sale

Co-Founder Ben Metcalfe briefly explained what makes WP Engine unique:

“WP Engine is the Premium WordPress Hosting Platform focused on providing Speed, Security, and Scale. All these accounts are automatically installed, optimized, backed up and set up most crucially kept up to date with the latest version of WordPress. WP Engine only supports WordPress and every support staff is a WordPress expert.” — Ben Metcalfe

Traffic Crow is encouraged to see companies that keep pushing the customer satisfaction bar further and deliver unique and specialized services to consumers.

WP Engine Black Friday Deals 2016

This is the industry guide to high-performance WordPress hosting. The primary purpose of the handbook is to document how well web hosting companies perform by measuring peak performance and consistency. The guide is designed to cut through the marketing speak and allow consumers to do true apples to apple comparisons of different WordPress web hosting options. The 2015 Edition of WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks features nearly every major web hosting company in the space including A Small Orange, BlueHost, CloudWays, DreamHost, FlyWheel, GoDaddy, HostGator, SiteGround, WPEngine, WPOven, and WPPronto. It also has one significant new benchmark, WPPerformanceTester, which benchmarks processor speed, database speed, and WordPress speed. This is all in addition to the current benchmarks which test how many concurrent users each company can handle, how fast and reliably the pages are delivered. After extensive testing, it emerged that there was a clear top tier of providers that could withstand 2000 simultaneous users using the LordStorm and Blitz load testing tools. This high level also reliably delivered web pages with over 99.9% uptime and in under one second on average. This year’s top tier included WPEngine, A Small Orange, Kinsta, SiteGround, Pressidium and PressLabs. Trafficcrow is the largest web hosting review site with nearly 200,000 reviews of various web hosting companies. Its mission is using data to bring transparency to an industry in dire need of honest reviews and information.

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