Great Season, Better Story….
Jim McCain

Incredible impact

Jim, I honestly can’t thank you enough for your support over the years. I appreciate all of our fans, but you are special because you have no specific reason to love us the way you do. Your obligation is to our opponents, yet you follow us just as closely as you do them. It means more than you know because it means you love us for us, and not just for the name on our jersey.

I really hope we conducted ourselves as young, strong women of Christ, so I’m so glad you feel that we did. The journey was far too short, but this stuff is what makes it so worthwhile. I know I speak for Kristen, Tab, Mon, Andi, and myself when I say we are so thankful for you. I’m sorry I was too emotional to say much after the last game as well. I may stick around at Harding though, so I hope I get the chance to catch up with you again in the future!