People will detest you if you are overly sensitive!


I don’t think anyone likes to hang out with a person who is supremely sensitive, gets offensive easily and makes a sullen face, whenever something not-so good is said about them or their work.

I personally detest such people.

Dealing with them is so time consuming and such a negative process. I’d rather do something else and be more productive. A close friend of mine was once telling me a story of this colleague of hers.

Now this girl was smart at what she did. She was an expert in her field. But circumstances were such that she ended up handling the entire department — and that also involved profiles which were not exactly her “cup of tea”.

Good for her!

But this girl worked hard to prove herself. She really worked on her skills and caught hold of the reigns of that department. She was impressive — there was no doubt about it! But then there was one tiny flaw in her: she was sensitive and couldn’t handle criticism well.

In addition to this, she also became extremely confident (I would say “proud”) about her newly acquired skills. My friend tells me that she was brilliant in the “strategizing” bit, but not so good while executing the plan.

Girl, you’re sloppy!

However, that girl started believing that she was the best. From re-checking everything at least a hundred times to taking her own sweet time to finish a task — she was bad at managing multiple jobs.

Instead of working on her time management and organizational skills, she started becoming too authoritative with everyone —including the freshers and that sucked — for everyone, including my friend.

Who are you?

The point is that no matter who you are and what you do, you must remain grounded — because there are always going to be people better than you. No one is going to even go out drinking with you, if you are going to be such a bitch about “who you are” — when you are really “no one”.

Think about it…I know I have. ;)