Sometimes, the workload becomes a bit too much to handle — like right now — and it leaves me tired and haggard. It is not that I mind the string of things I need to do. It’s the “time” that I never seem to have! Right now, I’m just trying to make things happen and keep up with the deadlines.

But for me, it has always been like this. For me, everything begins and gets wrapped up at the last minute. It is like the ambitious person in me is just steering the boat, trying to make sense of things around her and situations she often finds herself in. It is crazy!

All I want is to just take a step back and relax. Enjoy a cup of tea at my own pace. Go for a nice long walk and listen to music — knowing that I don’t have to go back and do any work.

But every time I think this, I end up doing the complete opposite of it. Maybe, the workaholic in me is so strong that she doesn’t even let me take a small break! Yes, I spent a wonderful weekend with my family in Mumbai very recently — but even then my mind was engulfed with other stupid, trivial matters.

I took a nap, I ate good food — I took it easy. But a part of me just wasn’t enjoying it. I took so many photos in Mumbai. That city is beautiful and has its own charm — which I have started to really admire!

Navi Mumbai

Believe it or not, I was more than happy to get back to work! Since Monday, I am “struggling” to put all of my work on auto-pilot — so that I can be productive and catch up on unread articles and newsletters.

I don’t know if my efforts are worth it anymore!!

Until next time. :)