The reason I’ll never regret you.

I have been very careless in my life. I have made some terrible, terrible mistakes. I have hurt so many people. I have hurt myself and punished myself for a long time. But when you walked into my life, you made me realize I needed to go a bit easy on myself. I needed to take care of myself.

I’m not saying you were my “knight in shining armor”. I think I would have eventually come around even if we had never met each other. But you “literally” silenced my demons — and so quickly!

You became my punching bag, my sole confidante and it felt so good having you in my life. I smiled throughout the day. My heart smiled — and that’s a big deal! My perspective about life changed. So I’m sure whatever little we shared was worth it!

I don’t expect anyone to understand our sweet short-lived relationship. Their hurtful and sarcastic comments won’t (and don’t) bother me. I don’t care whether or not they understand how magical a bond we shared. And I also don’t care if you ever think about me or cherish me.

The point is how you made me feel all this time. Sure — let’s not talk about the last few days of our dying relationship because that whole period was just too negative and lame. And to be perfectly honest, we could have avoided all of that, if only we were more aligned with our thoughts and desires. But we weren’t.

But yes — the time we actually spent with each together was pure bliss. I don’t regret it one bit. And I know for a fact, you don’t too. I’m just sad we won’t get to be with each other like this anymore — because well “our time together was never quite enough”.

I will never forget how your big brown eyes looked at me. I will never forget how warm I felt whenever you hugged me. I will never forget the crazy plans we made with each other, the laughs we shared and our common likes and dislikes. We were at par with each other from the very start — remember?

And even though you continue to deny my importance in your life and maybe you were just fooling around with me, I will never forget you.