Gradients often bring notable changes in the appearance of many web and mobile user interfaces. As a mobile app development platform, React-Native offers a number of view components. However, ready-made gradient views are yet to be provided (till version 0.62.2).

One of the beauties of React-Native is that not only does it let us incorporate external modules and UIs into our app but also it lets us create our own. To that end, any accessible feature in android or ios can be made accessible in React-Native as well. …

In most cases, MongoDB client codes rely on database drivers to execute database commands. Although the drivers are usually written in the same language as the client codes, they are capable of directly interacting with the database. There are two factors which are accounted for this. First, they implement the MongoDB protocol which defines the terms for consistent communication. Second, they use TCP sockets to exchange binary messages with the database server. In this article, we will thoroughly investigate these two aspects via a code demonstration.

Although drivers abstract it, any data in MongoDB is internally stored as a BSON…

Various schemes have been used to transfer data between different layers of a software application. XML files, POJOs and JSON objects are good examples. Among these, JSON objects are gaining increasing popularity due to their simplicity and versatility. With increasing number of applications which intensively use JSON objects, such as NoSQL databases, utilization of the binary form of these data models is likely to grow.

One of the forms in which JSON objects can be written in a binary format is a Binary JSON (or in short BSON) document.

Database drivers execute commands received from client programs by interacting with database servers. Such drivers normally use the same programming language as the client codes. Yet they possess a distinct ability to perform various operations on databases. Two main features can be attributed for this. The first one is implementation of established protocols with strict compliance. The second one is extensive use of TCP sockets to exchange messages with the database server.

In this tutorial, we will explore the protocol and message formats used in MySQL databases. Besides, we will illustratively examine how sockets will be utilized to execute database…

When we write a program which communicates with databases, we usually resort to using external drivers. Java developers often use JDBC or ORM tools. Where as modules such as pg, mysql or mongodb are popular among Node.js developers. This trend is similar among developers of other programming languages as well. But, how do these drivers enable us to communicate with databases? Is it possible to do so without using such external tools? The answer to the latter question is a definite yes. If you go through this tutorial, you will discover the answer to the former question. …

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