Importance of Industry Internships for BBA Graduates

The internship market in India has seen a substantial change in last decade. Initially where the concept of college internship was introduced by only few education players, it is now a critical part of top BBA colleges in Delhi. Students have also become aware of the placement facilities that colleges these days provide, and prefer joining a professional course which gives them good practical exposure through internships and final placements.

With graduation costs soaring high, most of the students struggle to seek full-time employment with companies that have a high pay package. But they should keep in mind that recruiters evaluate potential candidates on both high college credits (scores) and good internship experience. For those who do not have an internship, there are other options that will make them more marketable to employers. They can either study abroad or develop a new skill or take up a foreign language to enhance their skill-set.

Internships are extremely essential, especially for highly-sought after fields, such as business administration and management. Most of the companies are on a look-out for highly motivated candidates who do not just stick to the office settings, but are ready to explore all sorts of opportunities within the organization. With such corporates investing their time and resources to select and train the interns, are interested in working out a mutually beneficial relationship. They may not present a hiring commitment to the talented and hardworking interns, but they might consider them in future.

Internship with an organization is a great way to apply the knowledge gained from text books, class lectures and case studies. As interns, interaction with the colleagues and management team at the workplace and involvement through practical work related assignments will enhance their educational experience. In addition, an intern’s aptitude, work ethic, and ability to fit into the culture of a new workplace also are critical factors to grab potential employment in that organization.

Though not considered as real work experience, internships are vital in learning first-hand about potential careers in an organizational setup without a long-term commitment. Not only these increase individuals’ marketability for employment, but also present them with a great opportunity to build a network of contacts and mentors who may serve as professional references in future.

A professional degree like BBA course does not guarantee you a job after graduation. For aspiring young management graduates a high paying, steady and fulfilling career is all that they dream of. It can be only fulfilled if they have sound field experience to back their degree. Internships, offered by majority of professional BBA colleges in India help students gain clarity on the corporate environment and constructive direction on which functional areas interests them more.