Save time with templates for video editing: Post Haste

This is the first in a series on apps I find essential as a video editor/motion graphics person.

In this series I’ll look at free and paid apps that let you work smarter and not harder using tools designed to speed up your workflow, fix problems, manage media, etc.

Post Haste Template creation

Week1: Digital Rebellion Post Haste

Week 2: Digital Rebellion Pro Maintenance

Week 3: Digital Rebellion Collaboration

Week 4 : Hedge Backup Software

Week 5: Lesspain Software Kyno

Digital Rebellion has been around since 2007 (the days of FCP Classic) They make a variety of free and paid apps that are huge time savers, and I’ve used them for years now.

One of their most popular apps is PostHaste, a free crossplatform app that creates templates for filmmakers, photographers, and web design.

My philosophy is let the computer do repetitve tasks so I can focus on the creative stuff. Post Haste allows you to pick a template or customize one for your specific workflow. Use Cinema 4D often? then add it to you template.

You can also add helpful info like Project number, Client and Project name and it gives you a logical folder structure for your hard drive/server.

Someone on your team needs to access a production document? Then open the production document folder to find the file you need.

PostHaste is free, and a no brainer when it comes to saving time.

Digital Rebellion is currently having a Black Friday Sale til Dec. 2, so check out their website,

Do you have any favorite helper apps/utilities?

If so let me know and I’ll add them to my series.

Til next time, Clay