Building design process within teams
Jules Cheung

Thanks Jules,

An inspiring article, and a very solid process.

I will refer to your process, if you may allow me, in my effort to improve the process in my endeavor.

Did you know that the Kanban system was first implemented by Toyota, a legacy car company, all the way back to something like 80 years ago?

Isn’t it funny that things like «agile development» are in fact paradigms that were investigated and implemented by a Japanese large enterprise so long ago?

In the last part of your article you talk about questioning the process. This is a key issue, one that at the large scale is practically impossible ( Toyota, again, is the only company I know that does that… I mean, the only one that has a process for innovating process! ). You could write an article about that… how does process innovation impact day to day work, the organizational change, the buy in, the productivity curve etc.

Looking forward to reading more from you!

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