Find 3 blogs to explore

When creating my blog I found myself staring at the empty description box, trying to think of words that describe me, what I stand for and what my blog will be about for an entire semester! I’ve never used medium before, so I wanted to find blogs that would give me an example or ideas that I would be able to implement on my own blog. In the search bar I typed in “Leftist, anti-capitalist, Black”.

One of my favorite quotes by Newton on the importance of a basic understanding for unification.

The first blog post I read was “Does America Have Capitalist Stockholm Syndrome?” By Umair Haque. I’ve read a few of Umair’s posts now, including “The missing half of economics” and I love his writing technique. Particularly in “Stockholm syndrome” he is able to use a real life story and character (Rick’s Dad) that ties into the message he tries to deliver. While reading along Umair uses this character to help readers understand definitions like “petite bourgeoisie”. Rick’s Dad is used throughout the article as an example and even transforms later as an identity for the “Rick’s Dads of the world”. I admire how this article flows, with comprehensive easy to read definitions and examples. Umair was able to use his personal interactions with Rick’s dad ensure his message got across with real life examples. Umair also includes phrases for audience interactivity that helps give off the smooth, casual tone like “How weird is that?” and “Isn’t that strange?”.

The second blog I found is called “Blake don’t crack” when I read the article “The myth of the black buying power”. The writer provides definitions in the beginning for a basic understanding of the terminology he plans to use. It’s interesting to think about how people don’t truly know the meaning behind what we would think are simple words or terms, such as “wealth” and “buying power”. That is why it’s important to include definitions so there is a basic understanding of what is being talked about. The numbered list of facts hyperlinked to their sources is another useful online journalism technique I plan to use.

The third blog I found is called “Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa”. I first read the article “I was invited to a ted talk…”. This blog post was the best in regards to using the digital landscape provided. It includes a video at the top and four pictures spread throughout the piece, with funny captions underneath. The writer tells her story from beginning to end in depth, unafraid to show her true emotions.

Each writer had a different style from their tones to their methods. After reading from these three writers I noticed a lot of techniques I want to make sure I use when writing.

  • Define words so there is a basic understanding among readers.
  • Don’t be afraid to get personal; use real life situation examples if it helps get the message across.
  • Include pictures and videos; don’t forget the caption.
  • Use the bold and highlight feature!
  • Hyperlink to mentions of other articles or facts.
  • Get the message across concisely.