What I learned from 8 days of internship (and commuting) part 1

Ascencia Fike
Mar 12, 2017 · 3 min read

Hi! I’m Fike, a university student majoring in Information Systems. I live in one of the satellite cities of Jakarta, so I’m relatively near to the heart of Indonesia.

I’m now in my sixth semester, and I was lucky enough to be an internship in a multinational company in Jakarta. My university actually has the program to encourage students to be in the industry as soon as possible. I was ‘half pushed’ to apply here and there, but I’m grateful that I have this opportunity (to be working even though I don’t have my degree yet).

This post is going to be a reflection of my 8 days of working and commuting starting from March 1). There’s a long process before this stage, but I’m sure it can be another post for another day.

So, here are some lessons learned and reflections, starting from day one:

  1. March 1, 2018

My first day of work was filled with uncertainties and curiosity. Wandering through the office building in amazement. Settling myself in my own desk. All of my activities were about taking it all in, trying to understand it, and being comfortable with it.

I got to know all of the people in the IT department, which was about 100. Old man, young fresh-grads, masters degree pursuer. They seemed busy but happy. And cool.

With commuting, I was still guessing. The right time to arrive at the bus stop, what to do in the bus and what to do when waiting for the bus. To be honest, I enjoyed the commuting process.

2. March 2, 2018

This is my personal journal entry that I wrote in the office (because I arrived to early):

Humans are much like animals. We claim our territory. We familiarize ourselves with our surroundings. It may take some time for us to take it all in, but in the end, you will claim that area as your area.

The more familiar the area, the easier for us to wander around and do what we like. It’s not just about the physical aspect — you are familiar with a room and you know exactly every single thing in it and its location — but also psychologically, you feel more freedom to do something. You are entitled to do it.

3. March 3, 2018

This is also from my personal journal:

Just like ants, humans transport from one place to another. In flocks, everyday at the same time. Then the streets went quiet.

These massive routines will definitely drown you and your identity if you are not aware of what you are doing. You will just be one of them. That’s what personal goals are for.

4. March 4, 2018

I started to realize that I was not having a good sleep since I started the internship. I always woke up in the middle of the night, sometimes at 12, sometimes at 2. My mom said that I was too anxious for the next day, I was worried I will be late. Luckily, I could continue sleeping easily.

That was my first four lessons. This is my first post on Medium.

Please share your thoughts or experience, I will be more than happy to share more of mine!

Ascencia Fike

Written by

Writer and marketer from Indonesia. Find more of me at http://ascenciafike.com or twitter: @ascenciaFK

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