With nearly 5,000 deaths in 2017, Montgomery County had the highest rate of accidental overdose deaths in the state of Ohio. Working closely with area hospitals and local community organizations, we led a collaborative effort to gain a better understanding of the epidemic and how we might improve support channels to those in need.

To begin, we combined data sources from Kettering Health Network, Premier Hospitals, Montgomery County’s Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board (ADAMHS), Montgomery County Criminal Justice System, and Montgomery County Corner’s Office. …

As healthcare continues to move towards automation and self-service, enabling patients with connected experiences can significantly reduce costs, improve their experience, and promote healthier lifestyles. Thanks to our relationship with the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, Premier Health, Kettering Health Network, and Dayton Children’s Hospital, we have access to a patient population that encompasses more than 20 hospitals in the Dayton region. With this partnership, we provide extensive data science capabilities and offer unique opportunities for onsite observational and clinical research.

Our multidisciplinary teams understand how to apply data science, digital design, and research to produce transformative solutions in healthcare…

Ascend Innovations

We are a healthcare agency that specializes in data science, digital design, and ethnographic research. ascend-innovations.com

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