A Human-Centered Approach to Digital Healthcare

As healthcare continues to move towards automation and self-service, enabling patients with connected experiences can significantly reduce costs, improve their experience, and promote healthier lifestyles. Thanks to our relationship with the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, Premier Health, Kettering Health Network, and Dayton Children’s Hospital, we have access to a patient population that encompasses more than 20 hospitals in the Dayton region. With this partnership, we provide extensive data science capabilities and offer unique opportunities for onsite observational and clinical research.

Our multidisciplinary teams understand how to apply data science, digital design, and research to produce transformative solutions in healthcare. From clinical, observational and qualitative methods to quantifiable data-driven insights, we cover a broad range of research abilities.

Using machine learning and predictive modeling, our data scientists develop algorithms that continuously adapt and identify trends that drive clinical and operational decision making. From discovery to design, our digital team expands prototypes into scalable platforms that provide new opportunities to connect and engage with users.

As opportunities in digital health continue to shape the state of healthcare, we help unlock possibilities that drive innovation. With our deep understanding of patient data, unparalleled access with our partner hospitals and our broad research and prototyping capabilities, Ascend provides a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of technological advancements in healthcare.