Death on the High Peaks of Everest

The death toll on Everest continues to rise this season with 11 climbers succumbing to the mountain so far. In response, Nepal turns a blind eye.

A queue of climbers line a path on Mount Everest on May 22.
Nirmal Purja/AP

The Numbers Tell a Different Story

While it’s true that Everest is a difficult mountain to climb, and that there are risks associated with climbing the world’s few 8,000 meter peaks (no one would suggest otherwise), statistics tell a different story. In 2008, Nepal saw the arrival of approximately 500,000 international tourists. By 2018, that figure had doubled to over 1.1 million. And because tourism is the largest industry in Nepal and its leading source of foreign exchange and revenue, the notion that they’d be resistant to limiting permits seems reasonable, albeit irresponsible. But what stance should they take? Protect those that seek to visit the country, or protect their pockets? Their current answer seems rather clear.

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