Investing in Captur

Every minute counts in last-mile delivery. Therefore, when a bike or a similar physical asset breaks, the workforce loses out on the extra money that could translate to a meal on the table. What is more troubling is the time lost for following up due to operational bottlenecks in issue reporting through manual spreadsheets and tedious task validation.

Captur provides an efficient and transparent solution where businesses can obtain real-time data about their operational assets and take action instantly. It was founded by Charlotte Bax in 2020 who is on a mission to increase accessibility to applied AI and build trust and safety into how the world operates.

Bax was selected as part of the Google for Startups Female Founder Program 2020 and was previously the Founder of Mars Needs Woman, an apparel e-commerce company where proceeds go to supporting young girls in STEM.

The London-based platform allows teams across on-demand mobility and last-mile delivery to report issues through image capturing across any mobile device at any time. Using machine learning, the vehicle is then validated and clearly diagnosed for a follow-up to occur instantaneously across multiple touch points. Doing so not only increases operational capability within the fleet, but also transforms cities into efficient and productive powerhouses with residents and transport working in perfect harmony.

Some of Captur’s key clients include Tier and Zapp. Captur partnered with Zapp, a leading on-demand convenience app, to automate and scale their fleet management. By reducing manager workload for damage reporting and fleet management, Captur helped the teams save around 4 hours of manual reporting per location, per week, giving managers back valuable time. In addition, vehicle uptime increased by 20.3% in less than three months as damage reporting became more automated.

“Captur transformed our fleet process from dependence on spreadsheets to a one platform reporting system. It enables the stores and suppliers to benefit from real-time data and provide effective resolve for a great uptime.”

Nadeem Sherwani, Fleet Operations Manager at Zapp

Ascension led the latest funding round and we are excited at Captur’s potential to change the way cities think about operational infrastructure. Captur raised £1.3m in seed funding, with participation from other investors, including MMC Ventures, RLC Ventures, Kintsugi Ad(ventures), and leading angel investors across mobility and applied-AI.

“From day one, Ascension has shared our vision of how applied-AI will transform how companies operate over the next 10 years. We’re incredibly excited to partner with them as we continue to grow Captur on a global scale.”

Charlotte Bax, CEO and Founder of Captur

“As soon as we met Charlotte, we were sure we wanted to support her and team Captur in their mission to provide cities with the critical infrastructure to scale. We’re glad to be part of the round, alongside friends MMC Ventures & RLC.”

Nico Albanese, Principal @ Ascension

This is cities, improved.




An early-stage VC built by exited entrepreneurs to back the next generation of tech and impact founders.

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An early-stage VC built by exited entrepreneurs to back the next generation of tech and impact founders.

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