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Around 8–12% of couples are faced with an infertility problem when trying to conceive. Of this, around <50% is due to male infertility. This is a significant problem which companies are now trying to solve through the development of devices identifying the root cause of the issue and through targeted treatment.

Co-founder Emil Andersen was completing his research into Reproduction and Epigenetics at Copenhagen University, frustrated with the laborious nature of sperm counting, when he realised how ripe the process was for disruption. Building off the automation of manual red blood cell counting, Emil sought to apply that technology to sperm counting. Supported with more recent advances in optical imaging and mobile phone technology, the team came up with a novel remote sperm testing kit — ExSeed Health was born.

ExSeed is a diagnostics platform for male fertility. The main product is a home-testing kit which has >95% certified diagnostics accuracy. Once the sperm sample has been collected, the customer is able to analyse the sample through the ExSeed app on their smartphone and obtain a result within 15 minutes. Unlike anything currently on the market, ExSeed can provide users with more granular details on sperm health: volume, concentration and motility.

ExSeed has also developed a range of other products, including a cloud-based patient management platform for clinics, Omega 3 and Multivitamin “fertility supplements”, and a 90-day online bootcamp for customers to improve their fertility.

The company has assembled a team of top talent; CEO Morten Ulsted was selected for Novo Nordisk’s Leadership Programme, CSO Emil Andersen is a Ph.D. researcher specialising in reproduction and epigenetics. The Head of Medical Affairs, Dr. Fatin Willendrup, is a Medical Doctor and former fertility patient herself, and their Sales Director was previously Head of Sales at the European Sperm Bank.

ExSeed has strong traction with revenue from both its B2B and B2C channels. In terms of partnerships, ExSeed has established a strong presence in the UK, Germany and Norway and has had interest in a licensing/distribution deal into mainland China. ExSeed also counts one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the fertility space as one of its partners, delivering a shipment of sperm test kits and a customised app to carry out clinical research.

We are excited to invest in the male fertility space. With 50% of infertility cases due to male fertility, it is an important part of the market which needs addressing.

“ExSeed has an exciting technology that addresses a real need in the fertility market. They have established strong partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies in the fertility space and have a strong team with science that has been proven.”

Özgür Tuncer, Ascension Life Fund Partner

“We’re very excited to close our funding round led by the Ascension Life Fund to accelerate our efforts to bring our innovative male health platform to more markets in the world. Ascension’s vision and support beyond the capital fit perfectly with the current needs of ExSeed as we’re working relentlessly to provide innovative solutions to address male infertility across the globe.”

Morten G. Ulsted, CEO & Co-founder

Get your *discreet* test kit today! > Shop ExSeed

To learn more about the Ascension Life Fund Portfolio — drop us a message here.




An early-stage VC built by exited entrepreneurs to back the next generation of tech and impact founders.

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An early-stage VC built by exited entrepreneurs to back the next generation of tech and impact founders.

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