Representing: Amar Adatia — British/Hindi celebrity built for fame

*This HD photo is sent and approved by Amar Adatia to be published in Medium.

Amar Adatia is a British actor, screenwriter, producer and director. He is also my Twitter- Verse inspirational Magnitude ( woah!). He lives and works on the relation London — Los Angeles — Florida for years building his assets and rapidly becoming a full blooded movie-machine.

I was never happier but when I saw him following me back on the Twitter. I have to say that his energy is almost admirable as mine.

But, his Twitter poetry could use some improvement …



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Amar Adatia on Twitter

Amar Adatia has the 50.5K+ followers on the Twitter and he mostly posts the inspirational and uplifting tweets on the daily basis. His favorite topics include the self-growth advice, inspirational sayings, success, personal insights, funny tweets and the daily call-to action statuses.

He maintains the image of a cheerful, brightly colored and uplifting public personality.

His positive approach to the life questions and especially the #mondaymotivation and #alldaylong tagged daily boost-ups inspired me to create his imaginary Bitstrips avatar and some Bitstrips cartoons.

Both images are for the fun/entertainment purposes and have nothing with the reality. Both cartoon images are free to use, re-use and distribute and are not affiliated to the Amar Adatia celebrity brand in any way.

Thanks for the heads up Amar!!

Real celebrity

You will not find Amar tweeting about his celebrity status or how great movies he makes. A this moment has five or six at the plate.

But you will find him almost every single day on the Twitter starting it with the positive thought. Now, that requires some dedication and a lots of positive energy.

If you want day-to-day boost-up follow @amaradatia on Twitter.

A few rare statuses about his current where-abouts and filming

#requiem #requiem_film @requiem_film

I usually read his morning tweet, put my imaginary helmet on and go fight the dragons and earn cash writing.

Nothing beats a guy who can make people laugh!

Always affluent in the deeper life purpose, he is kind of a guy who doesn’t make it all about the money, all about the success or all about the fame — he is kind of a character who is born for the fame, who will make an effort to earn respect and he is built for the high pressures, success and social dynamics — and has no fear of the responsibility either.

Amar Adatia on Instagram

Recently Amar Adatia started his Instagram journey as well, and with only a few entertaining snaps he already has 1k+ fans.

And because the Instagram is such a sober and down to the point social platform, Amar Adatia found a bleeding edge profoundness to facilitate it in the best possible way.

Erm, okay… maybe not… but he has some very cool friends to show up with.

Like @mrcalumbest.

And the ones who are not cool, are HOT!

Like @jodiemarshtv , a fitness-fashion queen, who likes the cats ( her Bobcat is adorable ) , dogs ( three of them!) , jumbo front patio ponds, streaking bright hair colors, sleeve tattoos and — CUTE MUFFINS!!!

Short Biography

Amar Adatia is a Bollywood super hit star product. From his debut appearance in the Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham he never stopped. .

His notable appearances includes the movie roles in the Chopra Town, Goal 2 and The Lift.

He is also known for Krish and Lee (2015), Four Hours (2011) and his next movie bombs includes the TV movie Derranged** ( Sebastian Brown) and Requiem (Kyber) both in the pre-production.

** Not a typing mistake: a name of a movie is really ‘Derranged’.

Amar Adatia is super active and multi-talented artists. He speaks English and Gujarati, and manipulates the numerous accents such as the American-California, Arab, Cockney, Essex, Indian, London, Pakistani or even the Turkish with the minimal effort.

He usually partakes the role of the Middle Eastern, Indian, South Asian and Mediterranean characters.

From 2005 he holds a director position at the Moneywise Estates Limited and from 2014 a company director position in the Garnet Films Ltd.

How he started?

His mother saw the opportunity in an Indian newspapers and set her son to his current life path.

He started a professional acting career at only 14.

Amar Adatia prefers the movies where he can both act and perform other functions as well, because it gives him the greatest excitement.

Being a British Asian he finds most of the offered roles a bit two dimensional so instead pursuing the opportunities, he started to create them by becoming more than just an actor.

By being an entrepreneur himself he learned that a constant motion is essential, a constant journey of the improvement tops the importance of being a celebrity itself. Keeping it real and humble makes a whole lot of the difference.

His movie works are entertaining, funny and colorful with lots of details, action and humor.

Four Hours (2011)

See what happens when two crooks has to wait 4 hours at the bar heist.

Krish and Lee (2015)

Two losers trying to manage highly complex problem-situation that includes The Nigerian landlord, London gangsters, money washing gypsy gang, Scotland Yard, Mi5…

Requiem (2017)

A supernatural drama ( fantasy) about the suicidal girl and a fallen angel.


His latest movie work is a supernatural drama Requiem scheduled for 2017 release. It is about an angel and a suicidal girl who fell in love with each other.

*This HD photo is sent and approved by Amar Adatia to be published in Medium. In Photo: Amar Adatia, Alex Reid and Calum Best
*This HD photo is sent and approved by Amar Adatia to be published in Medium.

He is working with the director/ writer Christine Edwards, and co-stars Ancuta Breaban, Daniel Eghan and Alex Reid.

Amar Adatia as Kyber in Requiem

*This HD photo is sent and approved by Amar Adatia to be published in Medium.

Cast of Requiem

Ancuta Breaban is known for the FighterZ (2015), Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016) and The Imitation Game (2014).

Daniel Eghan is Czechoslovakian born, England educated and London, UK based trained actor/dancer who is known for his roles in the Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation (2015) and London Heist (2015).

Alex Reid ( aka Viv Weatherall), is a English born ex male model and an actor living in New York known for his roles in the Admiral (2015), The Imitation Game (2014) and Captain Phillips (2013).

See full cast and crew: Requiem

To finish this in my specific style; I know we will see a great deal of Amar Adatia in the future, hopefully even some books about the ‘Krish and Lee’ and ‘Requiem’ with that well known perplexing British humor.


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