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Passion for the craft comes through in the finished product.

This weekend my wife and I had someone come over to talk to us and give us a quote on having a new dining room table built custom for us. Nothing extravagant, we want to get a high-quality piece of furniture that will hold up to life with pets and young kids.

When I first called Pete to inquire about having the table made he answered the phone and stated that he was the Master Craftsman who builds all of the furniture (it is a one man shop.) I liked how he said it. It was very matter of fact.

His tables are absolutely gorgeous so I was only slightly taken aback when he told me that he is booking orders out until November right now because he is so backed up. …

Today marks my 1 year anniversary at CloudHealth Technologies. This last year has been a whirlwind to say the least. While today marks the anniversary of my start date at CloudHealth the story actually begins several months earlier.

In 2014 I was working at Springboard Retail who, I might add, are doing some awesome things in the retail space. …

CloudHealth is growing really fast and on the engineering team we have reached the size where we are starting to bring in more junior developers. For us this means developers who have great talent and ability but are just out of school or recently out of school. I like to say that these girls and guys have horsepower.

Junior developers are not a blank slate, but they are about as close as you get in our industry. This means that as an organization we have an opportunity (an obligation even) to help these developers become great. …

Adam Schepis

Intrinsically curious. Dad. I hack @CloudHealthTech.

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