Wow. ‘Mansplaining, how very…something.
L. Whitaker

You just proved all of my points/all of her points in this hateful response. But especially with “We’ve all had the same experiences and go through them.” Yeah and that’s what we’re trying to point out here. I’d rather not have daughters have to go through the same experiences that I’ve had in the working world. You took the time to be angry at another woman on the internet because you’ve internalized misogyny so much that you believe a woman who is fighting for your own rights is somehow attacking you?

Also, the patriarchy is real and negatively affects both women AND men. And your argument against that is that “I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.” Yikes.

Come on girl, get off ya high horse, read a few more think-pieces, talk to the women in your life, and let’s stick together.

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