I want to be able to show you my mind;

That is my dream.

To peel back the scalp and bone,

And to glance at all that exists within this energy field

Watching the hamsters turn their wheels.

I want you to listen and not challenge me.

To not “relate” to me.

I am not the soul that you simply accept as normal and move on from.

The one whose thoughts filter through your psyche unscathed.

That is an insult.

I want to stick inside your mind forever.

I am an unshakable force that pierces your reality for more than a split second.

How do I make you listen to me?

Or at least, to see me?

There is no way I will be able to successfully tell you about myself.

Because you will never see me just how I’d like you to.

You know me by a name. You equate that name with traits.

You will never see the thoughts and emotions that run through my head

As fast as it takes a raindrop to fall to the ground.

You will never know what it is like to feel these sensations in my body

Or to see you through my eyes.

Trust me, you are beautiful.

When you ask, “How can such a person exist?”

As in reference to the people who cause you pain,

It is just the same as you.

They’re another machine with parts and a super computer who gives their soul a completely different rendering of the reality you swim in.


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