The End Of Interns

Adam Schweigert
Sep 16, 2014 · 4 min read
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  • Intern (originally: prisoner, no joke)

Bonus! Why You Should Pay Your Interns (err…apprentices)

Five quick reasons:

  1. Good talent doesn’t come cheap and retention is hard. By not paying people you give them an incentive to take the next job offered to them that pays more (in this case, literally anything).
  2. People do better work when they don’t have to take a second job, worry about paying the rent, etc. so pay more than minimum wage if you can and really ask yourself “is this a livable wage?” Even if we look at the apprenticeship model, the assumption is that the employee is paid less but still making enough to get by. Perhaps not enough to be truly comfortable, but not so little that they have to take a second job, lose focus on the work at hand, etc.
  3. Your boss will expect you to do more for less. If you have a bunch of unpaid interns running around doing most of your work for you for $0, don’t complain when you get a pat on the back for everything you’ve (they’ve) accomplished right along with a lower budget next year because you’re so “efficient”. This has actually happened to me in the past; don’t let it happen to you.
  4. It’s the right thing to do.

    Adam Schweigert

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    Senior Developer, @MotherJones. Strategy + UX + Product for news and media companies @mediatoybox. Previously: Senior Director, Product and Technology @INN.

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