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I was suprised to see the code academy stuff. haha. I have a couple of stuff in a bucket list I did once, maybe one can work for you:

- Go to a Karaoke bar and sing shamelessly.

- Rediscovery a old hobby and find a new one.

- Switch (specials) books with someone.

- Honestly compliment 5 awesome characteristic spotted in people in one day.

- Pick a defect in myself and show it off proudly.

- Allow myself to be cared and spoiled at least once.

- Try 10 new coffee houses. Really experience it. Rank them after.

- Have the Yes Night out with someone.

- Write a two letters addressed to “Dear 29 me” and “Dear 49 me”.

- Write a letter to someone in the past that made all the difference for my future.

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