I Want To Live
Cody Uhls

The coffees in London are mostly a blend of Starbucks and Costas…not sure it’s a place known for its coffees.

I don’t think your perspective is much different of the people who just “I’ve been here”, honestly. You still want to go to the famous places, and “be there” and see “how does it feels”. I am pretty sure this is what goes to everyone’s mind that travel. That they want to have this experience, that seeing parts of the world they read about and have as many experiences as possible is “living”. But what really matters, and what really defines a life is a “who”, an individual who is living it. When you known yourself and who you are, that’s when traveling becomes an overwhelming experience. Because you know where you want to go, and why. And being there is not just being there, but actually connecting to others, being locals, with own roots or with some historic figure.

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