Surprising Downside of Being Smart
Jasky Singh

We are all victims of cognitic bias. Not only smart people but ALL people. I honestly don’t agree with your description of smart people (or at least the 3 downsides of it). It seems that you are taking about someone who is not aware of your own limitations much more than someone who is smart. People can have a certain level of intelligence and still know that they cannot know everything, that they will make mistakes and that there are just too many variables in the universe to analyse every situation…

I don’t even think that academic education is focus on intelligence, it is much more a technical stuff, they teach you how to do things, and sometimes how to solve problems. This has nothing to do with intelligence. Like when a carpenter learn to make a chair he just acquired a new ability. And I have never seeing a QI mark in a CV…

So perhaps your article should be called “The downsides of thinking that you know too much”. Apart from that, I agree with the Growth mindset.

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