Best Photos Assignment

This photo right here is a picture of an empty Camden Yards (Home of the Baltimore Orioles) before their game. I took this photo during my senior project, which was looking behind the scenes of production during Orioles’ games. I chose this photo because this past summer, I ended up working for the team’s primary cable provider, and this photo to me almost represents the beginning of all of it.

This next photo was taken during my first visit to Ole Miss. When I was there, the football stadium was open, and me being a sports fan was excited to check it out. Since this was the first picture I’ve ever taken at Ole Miss, it represents my decision to attend the university, as well as the start of my time there. Like the previous photo, seeing the stadium empty was breathtaking, because you stop to think about how packed it gets on game days.

My final photo was taken in Vail, Colorado. Before I started college, my family and I had a tradition of taking ski trips to Vail once every year. Dating back to lower school and up to high school, there are countless memories of Vail, and all of them have a place in my family’s hearts. This photo was taken from the center of Vail Village. What I like about the photo is that it gives a sense of how massive Vail is, showing both the slopes, and people going about their day in town.