Background: I have been using a GRS wallet on my iPhone for a while now, and have been using groestlwallet because that was the first wallet I found. Just recently I discovered GroestlPay which I was positivley suprised with it, so I thought I’d make a quick rundown of my impressions of both.

Btw, good job getting Apple approval of the coin and wallet, that does not seem to be an easy process.


Links: Website, iTunes


  • Save contacts wallets (big plus)
  • Smooth and looks good
  • Touch ID lock
  • Request specific amount (with Groestlpay wallet users only?)
  • Add description to payment (transaction)
  • Multiple GRS wallets in the same app
  • Shared wallets (good for multiple phones or users)


  • Not possible to select my national currency SEK (a bit annoying)
  • Flash is on by default when scanning QR codes, this can be a bit awkward.
  • Only English (my preferred language anyway)

When using the shared wallet in Groestlpay. When doing a transfer, everyone in the wallet needs to accepts the transfer, before it is transfered. So It’s not a issue having a joint wallet between a few friends. Everyone needs get along for the funds to be withdrawn.

You can also use that feature as an extra security layer when using Groestlpay on any of the other platforms (Mac, Windows, etc), which is very neat (multi signature).


Links: Website, iTunes


  • Touch ID lock where no info is shown without identification.
  • Smooth, and quick
  • Translated to Swedish (and other languages)


  • Not as feature rich
  • Not as pretty
  • No shared wallet (I’m not using this much anyway)
  • Not possible to save wallet addresses of contacts (big minus imo)
  • Can’t request specific amount
  • Not possible to change language

(ignore the address, It’s not the one I use)

General thoughts:

Both wallets work in that way that if you send funds to a incorrect address, you will get them back. This has happened to me once, some say this is unneccesary, but it has already saved me a few bucks, so not unnessesary imo!

I have tried the wallets on both my iPhone SE work-phone and iPhone 6S and it works great on both. I use the multiple wallet feature very rarely, but since I use two phones it is a nice feature to have. I could also see the use of a joint savings or expense account, but I’m not using it like that at the moment.

Both wallets have an app-logo that is round with a border. Please fix this to next release, it bothers me more than it should…

Both wallets make sure you create a recovery phrase in case you loose the device. I cannot stress this enought. Write that phrase down and store it somewhere safe!


I prefer the Groestlpay wallet over groestlwallet mainly because the following reasons:

  • Possibility to save wallet addresses (very handy)
  • Can request specific amounts (good but limited)
  • Look and feel of the wallet

The only thing I prefer with groestlwallet is the fact that I can set my national currency SEK, which I cannot in Groestlpay, which is a bit of a hassle, because I have to convert between USD and SEK sometimes.

Both wallets work great tho.


I have no relation to the devs but I do this in an attempt to support the community. These are just my personal opinions to take it as it is.

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