What people are saying

In my previous post, I have talked about how consumers only buy hybrid cars because it saves them money and not because they care much about the environment. Seems like everytime I search for, harms a hybrid car does to the environment, the same stuff come up. For example, hybrid car batteries are made out of nickel and if disposed incorrectly, it can damage our soil or if your city’s power grid is powered by coal, you are polluting as much as motored vehicles. These are some of the same key points I kept coming across. If people thought of the same problems, does this make it true? After some questioning, I decided to look at this differently, how hybrid cars benefit us? These are some of the things people are saying.

There is a website you can use to figure out how much carbon dioxide or CO2 your car was emitting to the air. In uscusa.org, you are able to figure out exactly how much carbon dioxide your vehicle was emitting into the surface. This website is good for people who are planning to buy a new car and want to save the environment at the same time. But what are some of the other reasons why buying a hybrid car is good? Well, did you know that hybrid cars are three times as efficient than gasoline powered vehicles? Consumerreports states that, “They use ⅓ as much energy to do the same work.” The reason hybrid cars use less energy is, because their batteries are rechargeable. Motored vehicles have a simple brake system which they only use the brake pad, but for hybrid cars, it is a little more complicated, their brake system allows them to recharge themselves. When stopped, the hybrid car’s engine motor spins in the opposite direction creating kinetic energy, which is then used to recharge the battery. This feature helps reduce pollution of Co2 because the car mostly runs on the kinetic energy.

People are also asking, does the price of gas really affect why others are buying hybrid cars? According to Los Angeles Times, “In 2015, Toyota Prius was third in rankings selling 72,040 new vehicles sold with Camry and Corolla just behind with 63,290 and 62,553 units.” This telling us that people prefer hybrid cars more than motored cars. According to SFGate, “San Franciscans,are paying 10 cents more than they did before the Southern California gas spike began, with regular now costing $3.62 per gallon.” This is expensive compare to the gas price now at 2.70 per gallon. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Jan 2016, the nation’s gas price is 2.034$, but in San Francisco, we are paying 2.668$. I think that gas price does have an affect on people and why they change to a cheaper solution.

These are some of the things people are saying about hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are rechargeable and use less gasoline to run. These features not only helps the environment, but it’s beneficial to hybrid car owners. Hybrid car owners would spend less on gas because they are buying less gas.