Another Secret Response story on Medium

[I’m updating this right here as of 2/27:

The no open response feature takes away some of the value of Medium. By eliminating open responses writers are taking away transparency; it’s healthy and enlightening for the average Medium reader to get a take on how people feel about X issue by reviewing the responses. There’s a communalism to the open response format that is satisfying. I think Medium should end the “chosen not to show responses” feature.]

The article below blocks readers from reading other readers’ responses. This seems to be a trend on Medium — especially involving identity politics. The article simply points to the high percentage of white men in positions of authority and suggests that the world might be safer if there were better distribution of authority among genders and other identities.

There does tend to be group think in the social-political contexts the author refers to. And the diversity that she is calling for in politics and other contexts may improve policies — ie make them more sustainable for all people and the environment.

Regardless, this is a discussion that should be made public. Medium is a public forum. That is part of its social value.

However, I do understand how a reader who might be particularly angered by the piece might be discouraged from blasting the author if their response can’t be seen. Blocking the view of responses may act as an inhibitor.

If there is a number of hostile responses,this can be socially beneficial in that healthy meta-discussions can occur. Ultimately the idea of intelligent dialog is undermined by disallowing the viewing of responses. An important social aspect of Medium is being blocked — and not in this case by a white male.

Below is the “chosen not to show responses” feature.