brutality is required to keep the Sunnis off the Shias, the Shias off the Sunnis,
But you also say there should be a popular vote.
Kady M.

But that is not the problem w/ Assad. He is not being accused because of his brutality in enforcing peace between factions.

I don’t have the expertise to discuss factional rivalries, so I won’t. Not today, anyway.

But it’s an issue that only muddies the waters here. Assad’s crimes have nothing to do with shia-Sunni rivalry. Not in the present case.

You are raising another problem,but it in no way justifies Assad’s behavior.

To date the most compelling evidence against Assad comes from Amnesty Intl. and that has nothing to do with sects.

I’m not aware of any evidence of Assad’s brutality facilitating peace between contentious sects.