However, the “compromising” of the 2016 election by Russia is far from established fact. Just last week, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) stated that there is still no evidence to her knowledge of Trump/Russia collusion.
Parsing The Comey Firing
Michael Tracey

Fault in your reasoning here. Compromised election does not necessarily mean Trump-Russia collusion — though that possibility exists.

There’s no use attempting to deny the obvious. 16 intelligence agencies agree that Russia interfered in the election. FBI, CIA, NSA all believe the purpose was to elect Trump.

Armchair quarterbacks’ opinions on this are not very important. Only unquestioning Trump loyalists will affirm them.

When the FBI — and the committees — have concluded their investigations and have recommended to prosecute or not prosecute — then is the time to say suspicions of collusion are baseless. In advance of that moment there is no way for laypersons to know.

Feinstein is probably correct as of 5 May; at the same time she is not the director of the FBI or of any other intelligence agency. Her knowledge at this date is based on staff researchers and several preliminary hearings.

Let’s not pretend to have more knowledge on this matter than we actually have. We don’t know yet what the conclusions of the FBI will be.

But Trump does seem to want to influence — or delay — those conclusions.