For the sake of the world’s children, we must pray that the heartbreaking scenes from Syria have truly awakened the conscience of the world.
From Syria, a Tragic Call to Protect All the World’s Children
Nancy Pelosi

I notice there is not much activity in this publication. I am a political writer and would like to write for Nancy Pelosi/Digital Dems. Specifically, it is important to keep reminding the electorate that the Democrats are the party of economic fair-dealing and our aim is to invest in the people of America — not in mines and oil-wells, and not in complex financial instruments a la Wall St. More money has to flow into the hands of the average American to spend on things like car maintenance, roof repair, septic tank upgrades, rooftop solar panels, and education — among other things. These are all investments that benefit average people in a big way and collectively represent an enormous stimulus. And the best thing about this model is people see immediate results. This links with a Jobs for the Future program. The American mind was once the greatest problem solving device on the planet. But the American mind has been short-changed by a lack of investment in education and in people. The new economy will be based on solving the problems that the old economy created. We can be a nation of problem solvers, but a certain political party seems to be intent on creating problem makers. I would like to write some articles for your accounts on Medium that emphasize a new approach to America’s very rich and vibrant yet highly dysfunctional economy. It’s the message people are waiting for and it’s the message that Democrats need to keep hammering on. It’s the thesis that clearly defines Republicans as the party of the wealthy, a party that has essentially sold the nation’s soul for wealth and power.

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