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Mobilization is the most effective weapon against Trump

Over the last four weeks the people of America have demonstrated that they do indeed have political power.

The response to the seven-nation immigration ban and to calls to repeal ACA have caused lawmakers to hesitate and question Trump’s and their own agendas.

Even members of the Democratic caucus took to the streets — though staying close to the steps of the Capitol Building.

The general fury embodied by a powerful electorate, andthe general public display of dissent have shown the world what America believes in. It believes in fairness, and when encountered with unfair policy it gets angry and it mobilizes.

That is the key: mobilization. It is the real sign of political power. The more the people of America mobilize, the more they display their political power. And the more they display their political power, the more political power they have. The power to mobilize is real political capital.

This concept is working. And it should not be discontinued. The people have shown that they are the answer to ineffectual political parties. Those people in the streets and town halls over the last four weeks have shown a shell-shocked Democratic Party that the people mean business and are not going to be cheated by Trump, nor by a Republican Congress, nor are they going to be cheated out of real political representation. The Democratic Party correctly has followed the people’s lead on this. And that has to continue. The people have to continue leading.

The recent news confirming communications between Russia and the Trump campaign was something long suspected. But now, thanks to conscientious sources in the Intelligence Community, this secret is out. We don’t need to know at this stage if Trump knew. We only have to suspect. It is the purpose of an independent bi-partisan investigation to find out if Trump did in fact know anything about communication between his operatives and Russia. The president needs to be subjected to the same level of scrutiny everyone else is in this country. The intelligence leaks are sufficient cause for an independent commission. And there is no question that what’s at stake rises to the level of independent bi-partisan investigation.

The point is we now know enough to have serious doubts about the president’s integrity, and a Republican-led committee in either House or Senate is clearly not equipped, nor motivated. It’s been over three months since the election and nothing has been accomplished. US Intelligence has known of the links for over six months now and nothing has happened. The Republican-led House and Senate committees are ineffectual precisely because they are Republican-led committees with a Republican majority. Our Republican Congress is not exactly happy with Trump, but he is the fool they need to roll back Obama’s achievements.

We now know enough to investigate. We need a dedicated, independent commission. The allegations are not about fiddling with government accounts. This is about the very substance of democracy, which now has the appearance of a house of cards built on a foundation of lies. That’s the way it looks to us; and that’s the way it looks to the rest of the world.

We need an independent commission, but we have to be willing once again to mobilize. Mobilization has worked, and it will work again. This is the big one. The quake that may swallow Trump whole. The entire Republican resistance to a fair investigation can only mean one thing: they know or sincerely believe that there is something to hide.

The unfairness of the election has become like a cancer in the body politic. Only the work of investigation can excise it. But this requires mobilization. If the people physically show that they want the whole truth and nothing but, an honest investigation will most likely happen.

We are in a crisis, and as has often been said, every crisis has within it an opportunity. This is an opportunity to show that democracy does indeed work here in the home of democracy. But the rest of the world is in doubt. We cannot set the weak example of sitting at home while our most precious asset is being destroyed. People have sacrificed their lives for democracy in this country and in others. We can’t betray those whose legacy we’ve inherited.

Stay mobilized, America. The best way to fight Trump is with the truth. The truth is Trump’s worst enemy. Mobilize for truth.


NOTE: The problem besetting an honest investigation into Trump’s culpability is encapsulated in this HuffPost story: