then trying to enforce one person’s definition of it is rather futile.
Your position is that if we cannot have perfect justice why even try for justice at all.
Kady M.

It’s not a question of enforcing one person’s definition of justice. That’s a distortion of my argument.

Justice is consensually driven. The alleged chemical attacks are still an open question, but this

is less of an open question. This report speaks of highly criminal behavior and the means of gathering evidence are legitimate. It’s safe to say that it is not one person’s sense of justice that calls for prosecution on these illegal executions.

You are right to think that people disagree about a precise definition of justice but wrong to think that an injustice such as the above requires no legal prosecution. Most people know that these mass hangings need to be prosecuted and at some stage they probably will be.

To not call for prosecution on this is equivalent to defending it.