Fresh out of Fucks to Give: Critical Reflections on Son of Baldwin’s “I Don’t Give a Fuck About…
Biko Mandela Gray

I’ve been blocked by SOB because of my response to a piece of his.

Unfortunate. There is a tendency shared by both of you to see white people as indiscriminately anti-black or supremacist when so many social facts indicate otherwise.

It is disturbing to see your unchallenged assumptions and generalizations validated in this writer’s ghetto that I participate in. You are in fact de-humanizing white Americans (as a race? a nationality?) by referring to them as supremacist and otherwise completely indifferent to other human beings, who happen to be not white.

You reveal that you are an assistant professor at a prestigious university. Yet you seem to lack critical thinking skills. You yourself are a privileged black American, honored by academia, trusted to instruct the minds of the nation’s youth, and yet you claim white America doesn’t see you. You are seen; you are recognized, and you have been honored. Your life situation contradicts your thesis.

About SOB: he seems infected with irrational hatred (possibly stemming from factors other than race) and uses the platform of race as a vehicle for expressing that hatred.