Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Are Just The Tip Of The Collusion Iceberg
Remy Anne

This is essentially a summary of recent articles that investigate the Russian business background of the Trumps. Why waste your time reading NYT, etc. and re-composing as this?

Instead of doing that — which has little value to anyone — why not research the legal dynamics here. Ok, you’re not a legal scholar and some have already presented on this adequately based on public information.

It sounds like intent to co-ordinate with a foreign power, some argue. There might be more to say on that. But you might have to do some original research.

What is a truly intriguing original story is the question of whether laundered Russian money found its way into the the Trump campaign. Trump’s casinos and other properties were sites involved in laundering Russian mafia money. (see New Republic “Trump’s Russian Laundromat”). This is something we really don’t know the answer to but should. (Could this be related to the unreleased trump tax returns — ie, not enough income to account for campaign expenses?) Also consider that Politifact reports that Trump held no fundraisers while Clinton had 280!

I understand that Medium is vanity venue for thousands of hacks and just possibly a decent way for young writers to have a small audience, but maybe just try to raise the level a bit.

I hate to see people wasting their time. You could be using your energy and talent more usefully.