Russia Could Beat us in World War III
Austin Frank

This is nothing but alarmist nonsense. This writer has run out of things to say and has launched into inconsequential fear mongering, for reasons only known to him.

I didn’t waste my time reading all of it. The first few paragraphs were enough to convince me that this is a writer with an empty thesis and just wants to be read.

Possibly the purpose of the piece is to present the position that it is unwise to get into a confrontation with Russia. In other words, don’t test Russia on Syria.

Readers, don’t worry. The US is not going to war with Russia — not over Syria and not over Ukraine. False alarm! Both sides know that these skirmishes in developing states are not ever ever going to lead to direct conflict between the 2 major powers. The stakes are just not worth it. No stakes are, in fact — Syria? Ukraine? Forget it.