What is Michael Tracey’s Political Thinking? And Should We Care?

I’m not sure if Mr. Tracey (pictured above) is calling for absolute truth always and everywhere or whether he does not understand what the stakes are in the Democratic contestation of Trump’s legitimacy.

In this article

he is cautioning us about the harm of making and pursuing the claim that Russia influenced the election to help Trump.

About the “harm” part. It appears that one problem this complaint produces is that it distracts from more legitimate issues — such as refugees. Another is that it might empower anti-Russia hawks to be . . . well, more anti-Russia. That last point needs more clarity in his essay, but I think he’s saying we don’t need to start a new cold, warm or any temperature war with Russia.

About the first problem: the seven nation travel ban is a problem, but it is not the only problem in America right now. Trump has effectively launched a Gesamtkrieg on rational Americans. It is total, and it is unrelenting. It’s a Blitzkrieg. The environment, the military, immigration, health care, policing, lack of an education policy, Wall Street initiatives against working Americans — -a lot of stuff.

Dems have to address all, but at the same time, their and my argument is that Trump appears to be an illegitimate president.

Seventeen intelligence agencies agree. A former British high-level intelligence official agrees and has documented his findings, parts of which have been corroborated.

Further, the DNC was hacked (FBI’s claim). DNC files were dumped. The hackers all seem to have some connection with Russia or the Kremlin. We then need to proceed from those established facts.

Further, the Trump admin and Republicans are working very hard to stop the discovery process. Hous Intel Committee chair Nunes has said that there is no evidence of Trump camp contacts with Russia when according to Mark Warner also on the committee, they haven’t even looked at documents yet or spoken to witnesses. In other words, the committee under Nunes has done nothing. Which is all to point out that there is a stream of lies meant to undermine investigation. Doesn’t that sound just a little suspicious? Shouldn’t we all exercize due diligence here and see what is at the bottom of it?

Russian interference does seem to be a fact and it does seem to have damaged this country. To every rational and fair-minded person in America, Putin is an enemy. He destroyed the American presidential election. He destroyed democracy. It’s up to us to restore it.

In short, there is enough documentation and official opinion to make that claim of Russian interference a political fact. Or if not, then a highly probable event. And there is enough procedural obstruction and lies from the WH and others to create a very unstable and suspicious situation that any normal person would want to investigate.

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NOTE: Michael Tracey has a history of opposing Clinton.


and this seems to be Tracey but w/ the variant “Tracer.”


It’s ok to oppose Clinton, but is he sane in thinking that Trump is a better choice for the left?

Being anti-Clinton is one thing — I understand that; her State days were not confidence inspiring (Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, etc.). But that ship has sailed long, long ago. We are, Mr. Tracey, if you are reading, confronting a real, fire-breathing enemy, Mr. Apocalypse himself. I have to ask you, What do you think it means to be a liberal?