why should we concern ourselves with the top 1%? If institutional barriers to growth and opportunity are removed, while everyone enjoys a comfortable income, why worry over inequality, especially if we assume the wealthy earned their income ethically?
What is the Ideal Economic Pie?
Kareen Movsesyan

You are completely ignoring the process of wealth creation in this country — especially over the last decade.

It’s been all about unequal access to the money supply and QE.

Trillions have been made available tot he financial sector at nearly 0 percent — that’s almost like theft. When that money is leant to for ex JPMorgan that’s our debt. That’s our dime.

That’s why it’s not irrelevant how the 1 pc. got its dough.

True there are some exceptional talents out there — ball players who can throw more accurately, talented actors etc, but most of the money supply hits the banks first, THEN slowly and veryy sparsely it trickles down to the middle class and then it just might dry up before it hits the bottom 10 %.

But you should already know this.