3 Spirits

Oghogho Asemota
Dec 3, 2019 · 1 min read

Now the three spirits were ready for ascension. Red, pink and green, all glowing in their own essence. They were like a silhouette of a human, with all the curves and edges. But they weren’t human, they weren’t humans at all. Their very essence was energy and their bodies were made of light. They did not have thoughts, only directions. They did not have the human thing of choice; their compass was perception alone. Now they waited at twilight for the time to pass, all 3 of them.

An eternity later, they were ready. Mature in the language of patience and strong with courage. It was time now and they could sense it. They stood hand in hand, pink in the middle and eyes wide open. “Now is the time”, they sang in their familiar tongue. “It is now, can you feel it?”. The song was a song of transformation, marking the beginning of new times, new things. It was about joyful and welcoming rebirths but also mourned the end of the past present. It was in all honesty and totality, the start of a new present.

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