19 best ways to boost your customer lifetime value (LTV) — the ultimate guide

Asen Gyczew
Jul 12, 2015 · 9 min read

1. Extend the time of usage of your products.

2. Cross-selling.

3. Sell complementary products.

4. Up-selling

5. Switch to subscription model.

6. Bundling

7. Increase the usage of the product.

8. Increase applications.

9. Longer and cheaper contract.

10. Eliminate friction.

11. Better onboarding

12. Better customer product.

13. Shorten the time needed for clients to use your product.

14. Sell in bulk.

15. High costs of switching.

16. Loyalty program.

17. Create a fashion around your product.

18. Shorten the life of your product.

19. Create community.

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