Welcoming Aamir Virani, one of our most successful founders, to Felicis

Felicis celebrated its tenth anniversary last year. In this time, we’ve grown to a full-time team of 15, raised five funds (now 100% backed by institutions with world-changing positive impact), and celebrated three IPOs along with over 65 exits (at least one north of $1 billion each year for the past five years). Yet we are starting 2017 with an equally important and possibly more meaningful milestone.

I’m super excited to announce that Aamir Virani, cofounder and previous COO of Dropcam, has joined Felicis Ventures as a partner. As the first Felicis-backed founder to join our team full-time, Aamir will make new investments and help engineer success for our current founder community.

In 2012, Dropcam reimagined the connected home camera and quickly assumed the dominant position in the video services market. Aamir built the first client-facing apps and established the company’s sales and marketing foundation, later transitioning to SVP of Product. We backed Dropcam very early on, seeing its potential to usher in a new era of cloud-based, smart search-equipped video recording. In 2014, Alphabet (Google)’s Nest division acquired Dropcam for $555 million — one of our largest exits to-date.

In our quest for continuous learning and improvement, we’ve surveyed our founders annually for the past three years. We heard that partnering with someone who has been in their shoes — as a founder and an operator — is invaluable for providing objective context on their company’s trajectory, and for lending unwavering support through both good times and bad. Aamir is a self-professed data nerd, an engineer’s engineer who approaches moonshot projects with a non-pretentious, positive attitude. As our identity and aspirations shift toward leading more early-stage deals, Aamir will help elevate our boutique support to be even more strategically and operationally valuable to founders.

In the meantime, our mission remains the same: to discover the world’s most iconic companies — regardless of geography or stage — back the founders’ vision with conviction, and become their most trusted, most thoughtful supporters. Though we’re very proud of our track record, we ultimately measure our success based on our founders’ realized dreams. Given that goal, I have no doubt Aamir will have a significant impact.

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