A collection of Hacker News links about our recent research

We are proud that our recent research attracted some Hacker News discussions.

Hacker News is a popular news site about computer science, technology and entrepreneurship. When a link gets the front page of the site, it can easily receive 10K or more page views. We view Hacker News as a fantastic vehicle to reduce the gap between Software Engineering research and practice. It is helping to make our research known by practitioners. It is also allowing us to receive immediate feedback and insights about our research topics.

Here are the links about our research that reached the front page of Hacker news:

Refactoring Legacy JavaScript Code to Use Classes (48 points, 55 comments)

JSCity — An implementation of the Code City metaphor for visualizing source code (129 points, 13 comments)

AngularJS in the Wild: A Survey with 460 Developers (31 points, 8 comments)

Understanding the Factors That Impact the Popularity of GitHub Repositories (56 points, 19 comments)

Does technical debt lead to the rejection of pull requests? (79 points, 22 comments)

JSClassFinder: Detecting class-like structures in legacy JavaScript code (51 points, 5 comments)

JSCity — JavaScript code visualizations using Three.js (129 points, 17 comments)

What Is the Truck Factor of Popular GitHub Applications? (73 points, 32 comments)