Three Things I Learned Doing My Lab 2 For Open Source Course


I was working with my Lab partner Mizuho Okimoto on her project for Static Site Generator and she worked on mine

Pull Request

  • The first thing I did was fork and clone the project. I created branches to work on new features and fix bugs. I did like 5 commits and updated code so it could accept not only .txt files but additionally .md.
  • Also, I added features for Italic and Bold fonts to work inside the .md files.

After I finished working on the project I did pull requests. My partner checked everything and merged it. I did exactly the same thing.


What did you learn?
I learned a lot about how to work with git, how to create a pull request and had a lot of practice.

How did that process go?
Really quick and smooth.

This Lab was really interesting and it was going straight forward.
My partner is really great and that’s why it’s really easy to collaborate learn new things and ask for help.

What problems did you have?
I had a problem writing this blog. I just can’t find inspiration or something.
Unfortunately, I didn’t solve that problem yet, maybe next labs I will write better.